Product Spotlight: Bartop Corker


With the influx of craft distillers in the recent past, there has also been a call for new and custom packaging machinery for such products.  Unlike a lot of other industries, distilled spirits may use a number of different closure types for their products.  One of the capping machines to become more popular as craft distilleries grow is the bartop corker.
Distilled spirits may be sealed using a screw on cap or even an ROPP cap, but a good number of these products will use a cork, T-cork or other plug type closure.  When these cork type closures are used, the bartop corker can often be a good choice of capping machine.
Bartop corkers can be added to tabletop, semi-automatic or even completely automatic lines.  On both tabletop and semi-automatic lines, an operator will place the T-corks or other plug type closures into the bottle before the bottle and cap combination enter the capping area.  Automatic models will use a cap (or cork) delivery system to automatically introduce the closure to the bottle.
The bartop corker, in general terms, uses a flat bar (sometimes referred to as a stomp bar) to apply downward pressure to the corks or other closures as they pass through the capping area.  A longer stomp bar may be applied to close multiple bottles at one time.  Guide rails are used to secure and offer support to bottles as they pass through the capping area.
Changeover can be achieved quickly using the bartop corker, allowing different bottles and closures to be used on the same machine with little downtime.  For more information on the bartop corker, or any of the capping equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., browse the capping section of our website or call our offices to speak with a Packaging Specialist.