Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the Packaging Industry

Rather than an Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory of a single battle, the Mexican Army's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. In the United States, May the 5th has become a celebration of Mexican culture, with parades, music, of course, great food and drink. From salsas and drink mixes to Mexican candy and more, Liquid Packaging Solutions has helped packagers bring some of the tastes of Mexico to a larger audience in the United States as well as Mexico.

From tabletop machines to fully automatic lines, LPS rinser, fillers, cappers, conveyors and other equipment help prepare a wide range of Mexican products for the North American market. Tabletop piston fillers help package Mexican candies and other treats, while automatic piston filling machines quickly prepare salsas and other food products for the consumer. Both of these products have unique characteristics that make the piston filler an ideal solution for preparing products. The candies are a thick, high viscosity food when being prepared, and the piston filler helps to move the product from the hopper to the waiting packages. The salsas, meanwhile, contain particulates, with some being rather large. The open cylinder of the piston filler allows these particulates to be filled with ease, without clogging the product pathway.

Other filling machines may be used for drink mixes and distilled spirits that are more free-flowing in nature. These and other drinks may be filled by volume using a gravity filler or filled to a level by utilizing an overflow filling machine. Whatever the product, LPS can manufacture a filling machine to efficiently and consistently prepare the product for the end user.

As with any set of products, the capping machines used to seal bottles or other containers will depend in large part on the closures used for the project. Salsas may use a threaded cap that can be tightened using a spindle capper. Distilled spirits might seal bottles with an ROPP capper or a cork. Just like with the filling machines, capping equipment can be built for the specific project and cap, offering a consistent and reliable seal for every container. Each type of capping machine can also be built as a semi-automatic machine using operator assistance on each cycle or as automatic equipment that caps bottles after set up using a cap delivery system and conveyor to reduce operator interaction in the production process.

One of the great things about manufacturing packaging machinery is learning about new products from almost every culture and heritage around the world, and helping to bring those products to a wider audience. As we celebrate the Mexican Army's victory and the Mexican culture itself during this year's Cinco de Mayo festivities, LPS will also celebrate those packagers who allow revelers outside of Mexico to get a taste of what makes the Mexican culture so great.