Liquid Packaging Solutions YouTube - Projects in Action!

Browsing the Liquid Packaging Solutions website gives packagers volumes of information about different packaging machinery manufactured by the LaPorte, Indiana company. From the standard features of the machines to benefits, options and more. For specific machines, visitors can also view a video or two of the equipment. However, packagers can visit the LPS YouTube Channel to see the latest projects in action prior to being put into production.

In almost all cases, LPS will perform a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) prior to delivery of equipment to the packager. Whenever possible, this test will be performed with the packager's product, containers, caps and other components. Doing the FAT in-house before delivery with the production components not only allows LPS and the packager to ensure the machine performs as expected, but also allows for any last minute changes, upgrades or modifications prior to shipping.

Many of the videos seen on the LPS YouTube channel are a part of this FAT, which allows visitors to the site to see a range of packaging equipment in action. From laning conveyors to filling machines and bottle cappers, these videos also allow visitors to see the machines running various products, bottles and caps. Packagers can likely find similar products, bottles and caps in one of the current videos to get an idea of how LPS machinery can work for their own project. Of course, given the variety of all three of these items, from products thick and thin, to glass and plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes and various caps and corks, the video selection on YouTube doesn't quite cover every possible combination! For those packagers with unique components, or those that do not see exactly what they are looking for, give LPS a call to speak with a Packaging Specialist to discuss your own project and the similar projects for which LPS has manufactured machinery.

While custom machinery can be engineered and manufactured for truly unique packaging projects, LPS has worked with nearly every industry that packages a liquid product. From Food and Beverage to Cleaners and Chemicals, Household Products, Oils and Lubricants and more, Liquid Packaging Solutions has manufactured both automatic and semi-automatic equipment to meet the needs of every packager, large and small. Semi-automatic equipment includes small footprint, tabletop machinery as well as full-frame equipment. Automatic equipment includes turntables, conveyors, rinsing machinery, bottle fillers and capping machines, as well as integration of other packaging machinery such as labelers, induction sealers and more.

In addition to manufacturing, LPS offers no-obligation consultation services, integration, installation and training, along with a parts and service department after the delivery of the machinery. While known as a manufacturing company, LPS truly serves as a packaging partner for those businesses that entrust their products to LPS machinery.