Changing Products and Change Parts in 2020

Typically, when changing over from one product to another, change parts will not be an issue, though there are definitely exceptions to this rule. Most packagers will run very similar products on their machinery, with some big producers simply have dedicated lines for specific products.

In other words, while product or bottle changeover will require some set up and modification to conveyor railing, filling machine recipes, capping machine heights or widths, and other set up components to run the product and bottle combination efficiently, the actual parts of the machine will likely not need to be changed out. An exception for filling machines may include changing out filler tubing when a company runs multiple flavors, colors or scents, to avoid cross-contamination. Another may be different screws or starwheels when this type of indexing is used to package products.  Spindle cappers may require adding a second set of gripper belts if one or more bottles need assistance with stability - think really tall bottles. But such exceptions are uncommon with most machinery.

However, given the current situation in the packaging industry, these situations may become more common in the short term. Some packagers are already running completely different products than they would normally run. At this point, the most visible change may be companies producing hand sanitizer rather than their business-as-usual products. A number of distilleries are taking on this task to help fight the current viral outbreak. Future changes to the situation on the ground may lead to other packagers switching to different products to combat the outbreak.

Liquid Packaging Solutions is here to answer any questions and help in any way possible should a packager take on a whole new product or industry. We can help packagers determine if machinery will require a change in contact parts where compatibility may be a concern. Whether tubing, pumps, spindle disks, indexing parts or any other component of packaging machinery, LPS will work with the packagers to get them up and running new products safely, efficiently and as quickly as possible.

If you are running a new product and have questions about current machinery or are looking to source new equipment to package the liquids, please feel free to reach out to LPS Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693.