What is a Semi-Automatic Rinsing Machine?

Bottle rinsing machines are often used to ensure dust, debris and other contaminants are not present inside containers when product is introduced. By first rinsing the bottle, then filling it, packagers can help keep product pure. This is especially important for products that may break down when particulates are introduced or products such as foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals which are ingested by the person purchasing the liquid.

Browsing the Liquid Packaging Solutions website, packagers will find several different types of rinsing machines, including both air and wet rinsers along with vacuum type equipment. The LPS options also include both automatic and semi-automatic versions of each rinser type. A common question asked by packagers is how does the semi-automatic rinsing machinery work?

Semi-automatic rinsing equipment will require an operator to be involved in every set of bottles that are cleaned. Whether the equipment is manufactured with four, six or eight rinse nozzles, the operator will need to place bottles on the rinse nozzles prior to each cycle. Once the bottles are in place, the operator will simply activate the rinse via a foot pedal or finger switch to start the liquid, air or vacuum cleaning. Rinse time will typically be pre-set using a simple timer. Once the rinse completes, the operator will also remove the containers and transfer them to the next packaging stage, likely the filling machine.

The operator interaction is what makes this simple process different from automatic rinsing machines, where an operator of a line would most likely simply set up the rinsing machine and load containers on a conveyor system. Though not as quick as automatic machines, semi-automatic rinsers allow packagers with small to medium production demands to clean bottles more efficiently and more thoroughly than what could be done by hand rinsing each bottle individually.

The design and the type of rinsing machine (air, water or vacuum) will be determined by looking at each individual packagers' goals and needs. The bottle size, bottle material, speed needed, other packaging equipment and many other factors will be analyzed to find the best rinsing solution. To learn more about semi-automatic rinsing machines, browse the products in the Container Cleaning section of the LPS website or contact an LPS Packaging Specialist today.