Common Packaging Question - Will Your Equipment Work for My Product?

Regardless of the product, whether a common liquid like water or a unique product like wax or other molten liquids, a recurring question for the Packaging Specialists at Liquid Packaging Solutions is, "Will your equipment work for my product?" With a few exceptions, the short answer will always be yes. The longer answer will always include an analysis of the product and projects at hand!

As an example, LPS filling machinery will work with just about any liquid product, or even solid or molten products that are filled as a liquid. However, there are a number of different types of filling machines. So though the filling machine will work, some effort must be put in to figuring out which filling machine will work best. For water and water-like products, a gravity filler can be a good solution based on the viscosity of the product. However, if that liquid is being placed in to clear containers, an overflow filler may be a better choice, even if just for aesthetic purposes. Other products may not flow as freely as water, but close enough that these two fillers can still be utilized. A salad dressing, for example, may be slightly thicker than water. However, if the dressing includes herbs, seeds or other particulates, a different type of machine, such as a pump or piston filler, may be a better choice.

The same is true of other packaging equipment as well. Though LPS can likely manufacture a capping machine for just about any project, the type of capping machine will depend on the closure that is being used, the bottles, production speeds and more! Screw-on type closures will most typically be tightened on an automatic system with a spindle capping machine, though other options exist, with chuck cappers more popular for semi-automatic systems. Other capping machines, including corking equipment and snap cappers, can be manufactured for different types of closures.

Even rinsing machines will depend on the containers being used and the type of rinse desired or recommended for a project. While most of the rinsers will invert bottles over a rinse basin and use air or water to clean out the interior of the containers, not all bottle types can be inverted. Other options, such as vacuuming out the inside of the bottles without inverting them, exist when the typical solution is simply not feasible.

From fillers and cappers to rinsing machines, conveyor systems and many other packaging machines, LPS can manufacture equipment to prepare almost any product for the shelf. While there are a few exceptions to this rule, we are always willing to consult and discuss different options to assist in finding the best solution for any given project. To speak with a Packaging Specialist about your own project, contact the LPS offices today!