More Than Just Speed - Other Benefits of Automatic Capping Equipment

One factor in upgrading to an automatic capping machine will almost always be faster production speeds. A company would need multiple laborers hand capping or using semi-automatic equipment to keep up with most automatic cappers. But speed is not the only benefit to be gained by adding an automatic capping machine to a production line. Below we look at four other benefits that any packager can expect to garner from such an addition.

1. Consistency - Automatic capping machines work the same way with each bottle and cap combination presented to the machine. While hand capping bottles can lead to loose or overtightened caps due to a number of different factors, such as fatigue, automatic capping machines will consistently tighten closures regardless of the type of machine being used for the project.

2. Reliability - From the consistent performance of the automatic bottle cappers comes the reliability of the machinery. Capping machines will not work faster or slower, or tighten more or less, depending on the day of the week or even the hour of the day. As long as the machine is set up properly, closures will be tightened the same Monday through Friday for as many hours as the line is running.

3. Ease of Operation - Once set up, automatic capping machines really need little to no operator interaction. Most automatic cappers will include a cap delivery system, such as an elevator or vibratory bowl. Operators will need to ensure bulk caps are available from time to time. Otherwise, after set up the operator will only need to monitor the line as bottles are being capped.

4. Integration - Not all companies will start their journey with a completely automated packaging system. The automatic capping machine may not even be a necessity from the outset. As production grows, different functions of the packaging line may be automated. Automatic capping machines can almost always be easily integrated in to an existing line. With a few exceptions, the capper can be built to roll up to an existing power conveyor and immediately begin tightening closures.

So while speed is almost always a factor in the decision to add an automatic bottle capper to a line, the benefits of such an addition do not begin and end with speed. To learn about more benefits of any of the capping machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, visit the Capping Machinery section of the website and click on the type of capper that best suits your application. And if you're not sure which bests suits your needs, give LPS a call today to speak with a Packaging Specialist.