Complementary Packaging Equipment For Efficient Operation

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we spend a lot of time talking about rinsing, filling and capping bottles. And while those machines are often an integral part of a packaging system, they often cannot work efficiently without the assistance of complementary equipment.

As an example, an automatic packaging system that consisted of all three above mentioned machines would not be worth much without the conveyors to move the bottles from one machine to the next. Other equipment, such as loading or accumulating turntables, may not be a necessity but can add efficiency to already existing equipment. So while LPS does a lot of work designing, manufacturing and putting new packaging lines into production, there is almost as much work done helping packagers with existing lines meet ever-changing needs. Below are a few pieces of equipment that may add efficiency to an existing packaging line!

Power Conveyors

As noted above, power conveyors are necessary to move bottles and other containers from one packaging machine to another. However, conveyors can also be used to accumulate product for packing and shipping, or even to assist in moving bottles between semi-automatic machinery. Where packaging lines combine automatic and semi-automatic machinery, power conveyors can also be used to help those operators of the semi-automatic equipment. For example, a semi-automatic capping machine may require an operator to place caps or shells on bottles, and an extended conveyor can make this task easier and more efficient for the operator.

Loading & Accumulating Turntables

Loading turntables can be added to a line to make the bottle loading process much faster and easier than trying to place each container on a conveyor belt. Similarly, accumulating turntables do the same at the end of a packaging line, offering a second alternative to gather bottles for packing and shipping. Accumulating turntables can also make a job easier for the operator of semi-automatic machinery by allowing, for example, multiple cycles of filled bottles to be gathered on the turntable. The same operator of the filler may then be able to cap those bottles before moving them to the next phase of packaging.

Bottle Separators

Bottle separators are used to put a little bit of space between bottles or containers for different packaging activities. While they are probably most often used for labeling machines, to ensure each bottle releases only one label, separators can be used for other purposes as well, and may even be seen with capping equipment when uniquely shaped or odd sized bottles are being capped. Keeping separation when necessary will minimize downtime for bottle jams or clearing labels.

Nitrogen Purge Systems

Nitrogen purge systems are slightly different than the equipment discussed above. While they may not make the packaging process itself more efficient, for certain products this machine can help to extend shelf life. Food products, for example, can deteriorate more quickly in the presence of oxygen. The nitrogen purge system removes as much oxygen as possible during the packaging process, replacing the same with nitrogen, which will not have the same adverse effects as oxygen, in the end extending the shelf life of the product.

In addition to complementary packaging equipment, many machines manufactured by LPS are built to grow with a company. Filling machines, for example, often allow for the addition of fill heads to allow for increased production. Many times, an existing packaging system can be enhanced or upgraded to increase efficiency and production. LPS encourages any and all packagers to call to discuss the different options, including complementary equipment, to get the most out of your existing system. Packaging Specialists at LPS can be reached Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693 or by filling out a contact request on the LPS website.