What is the Right Capping Machine for My Packaging Project?

Just like liquid fillers, there are several different capping machines to choose from for any packaging project. The best machine for any project will depend on a number of different factors, but in reality, answering a few quick questions will point almost every packager in the right direction! From there, LPS can help add any options or customize the bottle capper to meet individual needs. Let's look at four simple questions that will help to identify the right capping machine for any project:

What type of closure will I use?

Capping machines can be categorized by the type of closure they tighten or otherwise seal. Chuck and spindle cappers work with screw-on type closures. Snap cappers work with snap on caps, bottle corkers for T-corks and other cork-like closures. Before a packager can choose a capping machine, they must first choose a cap! So identifying the type of closure to be used on your own project will significantly narrow down the type of capping machine that you will need!

How many bottles do I need to seal?

The answer to this question is all about speed. How many bottles do you need to cap on a daily, weekly or yearly basis? The answer to this question will help a packager decide if they need automatic or semi-automatic equipment. Semi-automatic equipment will require a little more assistance from an operator, with interaction every cycle, while automatic equipment typically just requires operator set up, start and supervision. One more question, however, will help to identify the ideal automation level for any project.

How much growth will my company see in the future?

Also related to speed is the question of expected or anticipated growth. Semi-automatic capping machines can take a few different forms, from simple handheld cappers to full-frame semi-automatic machines. By focusing not only on current demand, but expected demand and growth in the future, will help to find a bottle capper that not only works for the here and now, but will also allow for growth with the company. For instance, a semi-automatic spindle capper on a full frame could be upgraded in the future to run automatically with the addition of a cap delivery system.

How will the capping machine work with my bottles and caps?

Finally, every machine will be custom manufactured to work specifically with the caps and bottles of the individual project. This may mean adjustments to stabilizer bars or cap delivery systems, an additional set of gripper belts or other tweaks to components of the chosen capping machine. At LPS, all machines will be tested using the packagers bottles and caps, as long as a supply of both is available!

Of course, packaging specialists at LPS are always available to assist in finding the correct capper, the ideal automation level and any adjustments that may be necessary. To see the different capping machines offered by LPS, just visit the Capping and Sealing section of the website or contact LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693 today.