Conveying and the Bottle Orienter, Separator and Reject Station

Conveying and the Bottle Orienter, Separator and Reject Station

The mention of power conveyor systems in the packaging industry usually brings to mind the transfer of bottles or containers from one packaging machine to another.  However, power conveyors can be combined with other packaging components to do much more than simply transfer bottles.


A bottle orienter on a power conveyor allows the conveyor system to not only move the bottles, but to correctly position those bottles for some packaging function.  For example, a square bottle with an off-set opening for filling may need to be correctly oriented before the fill takes place to avoid spills or drips outside the container.  Using a sensor, and possibly taking advantage of a handle, tab or other unique part of the bottle, the bottle orienter will turn the bottle to the necessary position. Orienters may also be used with a labeling machine to ensure the label is applied to the front, back or correct side of a bottle.


In addition to correctly orienting containers, both wheel and belt separators can be used to, in a manner of speaking, orient the space between the bottles without having to remove the bottles from the power conveyor.  Returning to the labeling example, some bottles may not need to be correctly oriented, but depending on the bottle and label type, projects may need space between each bottle.  This extra space ensures that labels are applied consistently and without wrinkles by ensuring that there is no back pressure on bottles as they move through the labeling machine.  Bottle separators also ensure that the labels are applied one to each bottle, stopping corners from affixing to a waiting bottle or an exiting bottle.  Space orienting may also take place where a pack station is used, making it easier on manual labor to grab and pack the products as necessary.


Sensors can also be used to determine improperly packaged products, whether a misapplied label, a missing cap or some other error.  Reject stations can be manufactured in many different fashions for a power conveyor system, but the general purpose is to remove the mis-packaged products from the main conveyor system.  A simple indexing gate and switch may be used to remove containers as they pass down the conveyor system.  the reject station helps to ensure that only safe, properly packaged product reaches the consumer.

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