Bottling Equipment - Custom Fillers and Cappers

Bottling Equipment - Custom Fillers and Cappers

Browsing the Liquid Packaging Solutions\' website will bring visitors across such products as an automatic overflow filler, tabletop chuck capper, tabletop piston filler or an auto spindle capping machine.  While such packaging equipment would appear to be standard machinery, a better description would describe these machines as representative of a principle, which is the starting point for the manufacture of custom equipment.  The slightest difference in bottle material, container and cap size, speed or even the environment in which the packaging equipment is used can mean modification and adjustments to the \"standard\".  


While tabletop and automatic filling machines are on display on the website using the overflow, piston or other filling principles, for the reasons set out above, it is likely that no two fillers will be manufactured exactly the same.  Different bottle shapes and sizes, even for the same product, can require different types or sizes of fill heads.  An overflow filling machine used in a hazardous environment will require special sensors and other electrical safeguards that would not be necessary in a non-hazardous environment, again even if the product was the same!  Both high speed and low speed applications may use an overflow filling machine, but the pumps, motors and number of fill heads may differ from project to project.  All of these factors, and many others, are what require the adjustments and modifications to the machinery shown on our website, resulting in custom liquid fillers hand tailored to suit the needs of each customer. 


Just like fillers, a variety of different capping machines can be found on the LPS website, with different capping techniques and levels of automation.  Only certain capping machines will work with certain cap types, so the cap used in any project will automatically limit the possible machines to be used.  From there, the size and material of the bottles and caps, along with the speeds necessary will help to tweak the capping machine to suit the needs of the packager.  Environment will also play a factor for the same reasons as mentioned above, requiring special sensors or electrical applications.  Though fillers and cappers provide very different services, the process of finding and building the right solution for both is very similar.  

Whatever your product, bottle and cap, an ideal solution exists for efficiently filling and sealing.  Though the website offers many different options, it is unlikely that the perfect machine for any given project is listed on the site!  The analysis of each individual project allows the ideal machine to be manufactured, starting from the \"standard\" machines presented on the web.  To discuss your project with a Packaging Specialist, call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 or email your questions to