Conveyor Systems Handle Multiple Bottle Sizes and Types

In most cases, companies using a power conveyor system to run product through their packaging system will use more than one bottle. Whether packaging multiple sizes of the same product or packaging different products in various containers, it is important that the conveyor system allows different containers to move slowly between different packaging machines. Just as important, and to minimize downtime, the adjustments from one container to another should be as simple and as quick as possible.

One of the first considerations for multiple bottles will be the width of the containers. The belt must be able to accommodate the smallest and largest container widths. This can be accomplished by adjusting the guiderails used to keep the bottles from tipping or falling while in movement on the power conveyor. Guiderails can be positioned easily by simply loosening an adjustment knob, sliding the rail to the desired position and retightening the knob. Guiderails can also assist with different heights as well. Where tall bottles are run through a packaging system, a double guiderail system may be used to add extra stability to the power conveyors.

As an example, a company may produce beverages in a single serving 16 ounce size as well as larger, multiple serving 64 ounce containers. With the wider 64 ounce containers, guiderails may be set up on each edge of the conveyor belt. However, when the smaller 16 ounce bottle runs through the filler, capper, labeler and other equipment, the guiderail would first be adjusted inward to allow for the smooth transfer of the containers.

In addition to different bottle sizes, power conveyors from Liquid Packaging Solutions can be manufactured in different styles to meet the different needs of packagers. Low profile conveyors, sanitary style conveyors and C-Frame conveyors are just a few of the styles manufactured at the La Porte, Indiana LPS plant. To learn more about the styles and benefits of power conveyor systems, browse the conveyor section of the LPS website or call to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.

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