Packaging Equipment Adds Aesthetic Value Too

Automated packaging equipment will normally become a part of a packager's process when demand requires. In other words, speed is one of the, if not the, biggest reasons for a packager to automate their production. However, packaging machinery also helps with shelf impact, allowing for consistency and adding aesthetic value. Different machines help with aesthetics in different ways.


Bottle rinsing and bottle washing equipment help to clean bottles and other containers before the actual product is ever introduced. By protecting the product from contamination, it also ensures that only the product will make it to the shelf! Some companies may also rinse or wash the outside and the inside of containers, to remove dust, debris and other contaminants that may accrue during shipping or storage of containers. These machines can be manufactured for fully automatic packaging lines or as semi-automatic machines to meet production numbers.


Different filling machines use different ways of introducing product. When it comes to aesthetic value though, there is one type of filling machine that offers a benefit above and beyond the others. Overflow filling machines allow each container of product to be filled to the same level, even if the interior volume of the each bottle is slightly different. For anyone packaging in a clear or nearly clear container, the overflow filler allows for a clean, consistent line when products are stacked next to each other on the shelf. Filling machines, including overflow liquid fillers, are also available in automatic and semi-automatic models.


Closures, neck bands, corks and capsules all add to the aesthetic value of the package and product. This is true whether put on with a machine or done by hand. However, automatic capping and sealing machinery can help to ensure reliable and consistent application of caps and closures. Hand tightening or placing caps and other seals can result in loose or over-tightened caps, crooked bands and other issues that can take away from the appeal of the product once it reaches the shelf. Automatic capping and sealing machines simply require an operator to supply bulk caps or closures, while semi-automatic machines require a little more operator interaction.


Labeling equipment, much like capping equipment, uses consistency to add aesthetic value to a product. When hand labeling any container, it is not only tedious but nearly impossible to apply the label in the same position over and over. Labeling machines can be manufactured to apply wrap, front and back and any other orientation of sticker to many different containers. Lining up product on the shelf with uniform labeling will always add to the shelf appeal.


Unlike the other machinery listed above, the nitrogen purge system will actually have an affect on the product itself. By removing oxygen from the packaging prior to capping and sealing, nitrogen purge systems can help certain products retain color and texture while extending the shelf life. Obviously, a fresh product on the shelf helps positively affect the attitude of the consumer toward that product.

While aesthetic value may not always be on the mind of a packager when automating their own packaging process, it is another benefit offered by packaging equipment. To learn about other benefits of packaging machinery, call the Liquid Packaging Solutions office today to discuss your needs with a Packaging Specialist.