Different Pumps for Different Fills

Liquid fillers using a pump to move product can handle both higher and lower viscosity products, though they will often be the first choice for thicker products. But just like almost every packaging machine, each pump filler will be slightly different to best handle the project at hand. The type of pump used on a bottle filler is one of many ways that the fillers can differ. Below are a few of the most common pump types used on liqudi fillers and a brief description of how they work.


The main component of a gear pump is, not surprisingly, a gear. As the gear rotates, product in the space between the teeth of the gear is pushed out as the teeth separate and push the liquid to the outlet. Gear pumps are typically used to move thicker liquids but can handle a range of viscosities. For packagers with both thick and thin products, the gear pump can often be a good choice to handle all products being run in production.


Lobe pumps work in a similar fashion to the gear pumps. Through positive displacement, product moves lobes rather than gears. Instead of numerous teeth, this pump will consist of three or four lobes that rotate within the pump. Though the movement of the product is in many ways accomplished like the gear pump, the extra room between the lobes offer different benefits. The lobe pump may accommodate products with particulates that simply would not flow as well through the teeth of the gear.


These pumps are used to move the highest viscosity products through a pump filling machine. In a progressive cavity pump, a rotor turns within a stator, with the rotor creating gaps as it turns to push product to the outlet. This pump creates a higher output pressure, which helps to move higher viscosity products. In addition, when products contain a solid, such as jams with fruit and similar products, a progressive cavity pump filler may be an ideal solution.

On all pump filling machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, the pump will be carefully chosen to match the characteristics of the current project. Pump fillers will almost always use one pump for each fill head on the machine as well. To learn more about pump fillers and additional pump options, or to discuss your own project with a Packaging Specialist, contact LPS Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time.