Packaging Line Considerations - Direction

When packaging a product, there is so much to think about - from the product itself to the bottles, closures, labels and so many other components - that it can be easy to overlook simple solutions. One factor that may be lost in the crowd of others is line direction.

The design of any packaging line will take in to account the space available for the machinery to be used in a given project. The layout of the machienry must fit in to the available space, a rather simple concept. However, hours of time can be saved by taking this analysis just a little bit farther.

Imagine a space 100 feet by 100 feet, ready for packaging equipment to be installed and run. Assume the equipment will be placed on the west wall, with the east wall reserved for supplies and components, such as the bottles and caps. The filler, capper and labeler will require 45 feet of space. The solution seems simple right? Line the equipment up on the west wall, with the filler at the south end and bottles running through each piece of equipment to the north end.

This set up would work. But let's assume that deliveries are made at the north end and outgoing shipping takes place at the south end. A much better solution would have been to build the equipment to index containers from right to left, instead of left to right. While this could still be done, lining up the equipment from right to left on the west wall of the facility may leave little room to manuever for the operators fo the equipment. The left to right line direction likely still works in this situation, but finished product may travel a greater distance and that distance adds up to lost time when mass producing product. Taking line direction in to account at the early stages of designing not only the equipment, but the facility as a whole, could have resulted in a much more efficent layout for the plant!

This situation is, of course, simplified to make a point. There are many factors to consider when designing a packaging plant and picking liquid packaging equipment. To talk to a Packaging Specialist about you own system, design, layout or project, call Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free today at 1-888-393-3693