Discover Complete Packaging Solutions at LPS

For businesses, the image associated with "complete packaging solutions" likely looks different depending on the packaging process. For a smaller business, a complete packaging solution may include a simple tabletop filler with a handheld chuck capping machine. For a large production facility, the phrase may conjure images of a bigger in-line system that includes machinery to load, rinse, fill, cap, label, and even pack bottles. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, our complete packaging lines are manufactured to meet the needs of each individual packaging process.

From simple tabletop equipment to fully automated machines, LPS manufactures the equipment necessary to efficiently and reliably prepare liquid products. Our solutions start by consulting with the packager to learn everything we can about the products and the process. Once our team and the packager are satisfied with the solution, the equipment will be built in our La Porte, Indiana plant. Any equipment not manufactured by LPS can also be integrated into the line, such as labelers, coding equipment, or other machinery. However, our idea of a complete packaging solution does not stop once the machinery is built and integrated. Our complete packaging solution includes the consultation to ensure the right machinery is put in place and that that machinery is built to meet the specific needs or desires specified by the packager. But our solution does not stop there!

Our technicians can install packaging machinery to provide maximum efficiency on the first day of production. And once the install is complete, we can teach your employees best practices for running the equipment, performing maintenance, changing bottle sizes, and any other necessary tasks. Installation and training allow your own employees to learn the equipment and ask questions to ensure efficient performance even after LPS techs have left the building.

The final part of our complete packaging solution involves the long-term care and maintenance of the packaging equipment. LPS offers technical service and assistance through several different channels, including simple phone calls or zoom meetings. If a setting gets changed, a new bottle is introduced or employees simply need a refresher on changeover or maintenance, LPS technicians continue to support the equipment long after delivery of the equipment.

So just as packagers have a different or unique idea of what constitutes a complete packaging solution, we at LPS like to think of ours as an expanded definition. Our complete packaging solution includes not just the equipment you need to prepare your products efficiently and reliably, but also the support you need to keep your process running smoothly for years to come.