Distilled Spirits Packaging Machinery

Unique distilled spirits come from a variety of places and packagers, as do the stories behind them. From veterans in the spirits industry to new and distinctive products, the industry has grown exponentially in the last decade. Packaging machinery from Liquid Packaging Solutions provides solutions for distillers both large and small.

Rinsing Machines

Rinsing dust and debris from bottles or containers when dealing with Foods and Beverages is common, and distilled spirits are no different. Rinsing machines can use air or a liquid to ensure that product is not contaminated with debris from bottle manufacturing, transportation or storage. Distillers most often use an air rinse to ensure no cross contamination with water or other liquids, or rinse bottles with product prior to completing the fill. Rinsing machines can clean multiple bottles at a time in both an automatic and semi-automatic fashion. Semi-automatic machines require an operator to place bottles and initiate the rinse cycle, while automatic machines are typically a part of a complete packaging system that rinses bottles as they enter the machine on a power conveyor.

Filling Equipment

Both gravity fillers and overflow filling machines can be used to prepare distilled spirits. Gravity fillers provide an accurate volumetric fill, while overflow filling machines fill each bottle to a specific level. While either filling machine will usually work for any distilled spirit, for the many distillers that use a clear glass bottle for their products, the overflow filler will provide an aesthetically pleasing line when product reaches the shelf. Both filling machines are available in semi-automatic and automatic models, including tabletop fillers for those with limited space for packaging. Like the rinser, the semi-automatic filler will require operator assistance for each cycle of bottles filled. Automatic machines, which can fill up to sixteen bottles per cycle, will use an indexing system to move bottles in and out of the filling area with the help of a power conveyor.

Capping and Sealing Machinery

The distilled spirits industry uses a variety of different closures, with a couple types of closures seen more than others. Both corks and ROPP caps can be applied to seal spirits with machinery from LPS. Semi-automatic corkers and ROPP cappers will again require an operator to place caps on bottles or in a chute for each bottle to be capped. Automatic capping machines include a cap delivery system which places the caps on the bottles just prior to the sealing of the container.

Other closure types, such as screw-on caps, can also be manufactured for distillers with unique caps for their spirits. In addition to capping machines, LPS can provide equipment for neck banding, capsule spinning and more to meet the needs of each individual distiller.

Additional equipment, such as turntables, conveyors and labelers, can also be added to a distilled spirits line to create a complete packaging system. LPS works with each unique distiller to ensure the best solution for the products, bottles, caps and other components to ensure an efficient and lasting solution to packaging spirits. To discuss your own needs with a Packaging Specialist, contact LPS today.