ROPP Capping Machines For Packagers Large and Small

Roll on pilfer proof (ROPP) caps are historically popular among wines, distilled spirits and a few food products such as olive oil. However, more and more industries have been discovering the benefits of using the ROPP cap. Generally supplied as aluminum closures in several different forms, ROPP capping machines then use knives or rollers to thread or secure the caps onto the bottles. ROPP caps can be manufactured with multiple colors, printing or embossing to present a unique design for packagers as well.

The method of capping using ROPP heads allows for tamper evident sealing, protecting against pilfering, hence the name. For foods, beverage, pharmaceuticals and many other products, the tamper evidence supplies protection for the packager and confidence for the consumer. As ROPP closure popularity has increased, the demand for ROPP capping machines has risen as well. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, both semi-automatic and automatic ROPP cappers are available to allow for quick and consistent sealing for projects both large and small.

The main difference between semi-automatic and automatic ROPP cappers lies in the amount of operator interaction required for each capping cycle. Semi-automatic ROPP cappers generally require an operator to place a cap on each bottle before positioning the bottle and cap combination under the capping head. For this reason, semi-automatic machines are typically one head machines.

Automatic machines require much less operator interaction due to the inclusion of an automatic cap delivery system. Caps are sorted and sent to a chute, which in turn delivers the cap to the bottle as it passes on the conveyor. The operator of an automatic ROPP capper simply sets up the machine or the packaging line as a whole, supplies bulk caps to the delivery system, then monitors the system to ensure peak performance. Automatic capping machines may use one or multiple heads to secure closures depending on the speed necessary to meet demand.

In between single head semi-automatic ROPP cappers and fully automatic ROPP cappers, there are many variations in automation, allowing LPS to manufacture a capping machine to meet the needs of virtually any packager. Customization of the ROPP capper will depend on a number of different factors, including both the bottles and ROPP closure type, space necessary, speed needed and more.

Of course, capping machines are manufactured to handle a specific type of closure. To learn more about the ROPP capper or any of the other machines manufactured by LPS at the La Porte, Indiana plant, browse the Capping Machinery page on the LPS website or call to speak with a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.