Enhance Efficiency and Performance with Replacement Parts from LPS

The smooth operation of packaging machinery is crucial for any company preparing a product for their customer. When parts wear out, machine performance may not be ideal, disrupting production schedules and potentially negatively affecting the quality of the product. Liquid Packaging Solutions understands the importance of continuous operation and offers a range of wear and replacement parts to ensure minimum downtime and maximum performance.

Whether rinsing, filling, capping or otherwise preparing a product, the machines used to complete these tasks consist of a number of different components working together to get the job done. Some of these components are known as wear parts, such as the disks on a spindle capper. Wear parts are those parts that come in contact with other parts or with packaging components, such as bottles or caps. Over time, wear parts can break down due to their continuous use, contact and other factors. The prompt replacement of these parts is essential for a variety of reasons.

Maintain Efficiency

Faulty or worn parts can reduce the efficiency of not just the individual machine, but the overall production line by delaying production, requiring intense quality control and increasing waste. Prompt replacement of worn or damaged parts ensures maximum efficiency and consistency.

Ensure Product Quality

Wear parts, as noted, come in contact with other machine components, the product or packaging components such as bottles and caps. Once parts are worn, they work less efficiently, leading to improperly filled containers, loose caps, marred containers, spills and more. Prompt replacement of wear parts protects the process and the product.

Minimize Downtime

Products cannot be sold if they cannot reach the consumer. Quick access to replacement parts helps to reduce downtime and increase efficiency by ensuring the packaging line runs, and continues to run, reliably and consistently.

LPS offers a range of wear and spare parts for the equipment manufactured in the LaPorte, Indiana plant, as well as a number of components for OEM equipment. These parts range from conveyor belting and sprockets to fill heads, nozzles and seals for liquid filling machines to disks and gripper belts for spindle cappers and inserts for chuck cappers.

Keeping packaging equipment up and running keeps production on pace and customers happy. LPS offers a range of replacement parts for liquid filling machines, bottle cappers, container cleaning equipment and more. To avoid extended downtime due to out-of-stock parts, extended shipping times, fabrication and more, LPS suggests that packagers keep certain wear and replacement parts in stock at the production facility. For those unsure of the best range of parts to keep on hand, the Parts and Service Department at LPS can offer expert support at 1-219-393-3600.