The Role of Spacers on Overflow Filler Nozzles

Overflow filling technology stands out as an alternative solution in liquid packaging, offering precise fill levels rather than filling bottles by volume or weight. Precise level fills are particularly suited for those industries using transparent or translucent containers such as bottled water, distilled spirits and other beverages. At the heart of this filling method lie the overflow nozzles and the spacers used to fine-tune liquid levels with ease.

Overflow fillers allow for a level fill in each bottle by using the nozzle to seal over the bottle opening while diving into the container. Once sealed, liquid is released until the desired level is reached in the bottle, at which time excess liquid returns to a holding tank via a return port found on the nozzle.

The spacers found on each individual overflow nozzle allow the operators of the machine a simple and efficient way to control and adjust the fill level. Spacers may range in size from a fraction of an inch to an inch or more, with most filling projects utilizing a set of spacers to allow for adjustments for different bottle sizes.

Adding spacers to a nozzle raises the fill level by preventing the nozzle tip from descending as far into the bottle, while removing spacers lowers the fill level by allowing the nozzle to dive deeper into the container. This straightforward and simple process ensures consistent and reliable fill levels across a range of container sizes without excessive downtime.

The consistency of the fill levels adds the aesthetic value offered by an overflow filler. When inconsistent fill levels do occur, an operator should first check that each fill nozzle contains the same spacer or set of spacers as every other fill head on the liquid filling machine. However, inconsistencies may also result from other factors such as bad nozzle seals, pump speeds, fill times or air leaks as well. If the spacers all match and inconsistent fills continue, Liquid Packaging Solutions suggests contacting Technical Support for additional assistance.

Overflow filling machines provide a reliable method for achieving consistent fill levels, both enhancing product presentation and consumer appeal for products with visible liquid levels. Spacers allow packagers using an overflow filler to optimize efficiency and minimize waste caused by overfilling while maintaining product and brand integrity. Explore the overflow advantage by visiting the LPS website or speaking with an LPS filling expert today.