Filling Machine Interface: Clean-In-Place (CIP) Screen

The Clean-In-Place (or CIP) Screen will be the final control screen we discuss regarding automatic liquid fillers. CIP Screens will not be found on every control panel for every automatic filling machine. The CIP system is an optional feature that allows for quick and easy cleaning between products or at the beginning or end of the production day. These systems are usually more popular on packaging lines used for foods, pharmaceuticals and other consumables or systems that run many different products throughout the day. CIP systems can help avoid contamination by cleaning the product pathway and tank with ease.

CIP screens can look slightly different depending on the type of bottle filler being used on any given particular packaging line. However, speaking generally the screen will only contain a few setting controls as well as a start and cancel control. The settings will typically include a duration time for the cleaning time as well as a setting for the number of cycles. In general, the product pathway will open up for the pre-set amount of time to allow product, water, or other cleaning solution to be run through and drained from the pathway. Tanks may use spray balls to remove unwanted product as well. Fill heads will open to allow cleaning product to move completely through the pathway as well. Once times are set, the operator simply presses the start CIP button and the cleaning process will begin.

The result is a flushed and clean pathway with product residue removed for the next product run. This addition to the filler features will typically be seen when a company runs multiple products and contamination needs to be avoided. CIP Screens simply make the clean up and changeover process a little easier when changeover is a big part of the production day.

We have now covered the operator interface screens most often seen on liquid filling machinery. From settings to pre-sets, recording, troubleshooting and cleaning, the centralized control panel allows for quick and easy operation of the filling machine from one location. To learn more about the other operator screens, review the news articles from the last two weeks or simply pick up the phone and contact the Parts & Service Department at Liquid Packaging Solutions! Again, all of the screens may differ slightly from the descriptions in these articles, as filling equipment from LPS is always customized to fit the needs of the individual packager.