Five Reasons to Visit Your Own Equipment at LPS

As part of the manufacturing process, Liquid Packaging Solutions always invites our customers to visit the plant as part of a Factory Acceptance Test once the customers specific equipment has been built. This acceptance test helps not only the customer, but LPS as the manufacturer as well! Below are a few of the reasons that we so highly encourage packagers to take advantage of this test.


First and foremost, by visiting the packaging equipment on the floor at Liquid Packaging Solutions, the customer can ensure that they are receiving the equipment that they expected. Though line layouts, meetings, phone calls and emails will all likely be used to keep everyone on the same page, nothing compares to actually seeing the machinery and watching it perform. Ideally, LPS would also like to run customer product and containers during this test as well.


Seeing the machinery run before it reaches the production floor can help to save time for both LPS and the customer. By performing an acceptance test at the LPS factory, additions, modifications and other changes can be made immediately and in most cases the materials necessary will be on hand! The alternatives, once the machine is installed on the customer production floor, include shipping the equipment back or sending out a technician to modify and fine tune the equipment.


As noted above, changes that are needed or simply desired can be made on the production floor for little or no cost (depending on the changes, or course) when the acceptance test takes place at LPS. Once the equipment is at the customer plant, added expenses such as flights, hotel accomodations, shipping parts and more can drive the cost up for both parties. So the Factory Acceptance Test can save both time AND money by getting things right before the equipment reaches the customer.


Obviously, the equipment will be running during the factory acceptance test. The initial run allows the customer their first chance to try out the controls, set up the machine and observe the output. Though most of the machinery includes easy to use controls and simple set up, the customer can benefit from free training during the acceptance test.


Finally, LPS encourages the customer to send or bring product and samples for the factory acceptance test. Running the equipment with customer product and packages with all parties present helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Seeing the results of the production run on the LPS floor eliminates many surprises once the equipment reaches the customers floor. And once again, if unwelcome surprises are found during the testing, they are more quickly and easily fixed if done prior to shipping.

Though not a requirement, LPS does strongly encourage a visit to our plant to take part in this testing process. This is just one way that LPS helps to ensure that both the packager and our company are on the same page throughout the manufacturing process. For more information on any of our packaging equipment or the services offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, feel free to contact our offices and speak with a Packaging Specialist.