Spare Parts Kits For Packaging Machinery

While LPS keeps a wide range of spare parts on our shelves in our La Porte, Indiana plant, we also encourage all of those using our machinery to consider keeping a spare parts kit in stock to protect against the unexpected. When production times are planned down to the day, the hour or even the minute, an interruption in that plan can wreak havoc on a company and its employees. Keeping a spare parts kit on hand can mean the difference between losing a few minutes of production time and a full day waiting for delivery of the needed items.

Spare parts kits are available for literally any packaging machine manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, but the extent of the kit will obviously depend on the type of machine. For example, spare parts kits for a conveyor system may simply consist of an extra length of belting, sprockets and railing. On the other hand, a spare parts kit for an overflow filling machine could include seals, tubing, O-rings, cylinders and much more depending on the individual machine. Standard spare parts kits exist for a number of different machinery including the all conveyor systems, other filling machines, spindle cappers, chuck cappers, container cleaning equipment and more.

Spare parts kits from LPS also exist for custom equipment. Whether a liquid filler, capping machine or completely unique packaging equipment, a kit can be created to include spares for all wear parts or contact parts that may require replacement over the life of the machine. In the case of custom manufactured equipment, keeping spare parts in stock at the production facility can be even more important. When components are fabricated for a specific machine, they can take longer to produce and may not always be kept in stock if not a wear or contact part. Waiting until a custom part is necessary can mean a delay of several days to produce, ship and install.

And again, even if a packager loses track of the spare parts on the shelf at their own facility, LPS keeps a large number of parts in stock to allow for quick delivery and replacement. If you currently need parts, would like to replenish your own spare parts on hand or even if you are not sure what you should have on hand, our parts department can be reached via email at or toll free by phone at 1-888-393-3693 x 304.