General Tips For Extending Packaging Machinery Life

When manufacturing both semi-automatic and automatic packaging equipment, packagers may question the longevity of the machinery for a number of different reasons. For those using semi-automatic equipment, outgrowing the machinery may be a concern. When purchasing automatic machinery, the financial consequences may also arise, as replacing fully automated systems can be quite costly. Below are a few tips to ensure that, as a packager, the most value will be obtained from the packaging machinery purchased.

1. Plan Ahead With An Upgradeable Design

whether semi-automatic or automatic, many different machines can be manufactured to allow for future upgrades. This may be as simple as allowing for additional heads on a filling machine in the future, expanding from two fill heads to four, six or more. Other upgrades may include more extensive additions, such as turning a semi-automatic capper into an automatic machine with the addition of a cap delivery system. Regardless of the starting point, packagers should be aware of the capability of the machine to grow with the company. Whenever possible, Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures machinery to allow for such growth and expansion.

2. Ensure Proper Set Up and Use

Each machine will require different procedures for set up and changeover. However, proper set up is crucial from the beginning. A level machine will not only perform more efficiently and consistently, but in some cases can also relieve stress on components that may not function as well when not level. During production, wear parts can be saved, as well as more permanent parts, by using the machine as intended and following the set up procedures. Spindle disks on capping machines can be worn down quickly if not positioned to correctly tighten caps, which in turn can put added pressure on spindles and motors. Understanding the machinery through live training and the machine manual can assist in proper use and longer life.

3. Perform Routine Maintenance and Clean Up

Something as simple as dust and debris can and will shorten the useful life of different machines. Conveyor systems, for example, can collect debris at certain points if not maintained and cause excessive wear and tear on belts, sprockets and even the frame in some cases. Cleaning product pathways on liquid filling machines can keep not only the product from contamination where more than one liquid is used, but it can prolong the life of nozzles, tubing and the machine in general. For most equipment, routine maintenance will be minimal, sometimes nothing more than wiping down the machines after production, as the filling equipment is usually the only machine in contact with product. But this simple process can extend the useful life of equipment and keep machines running efficiently.

At LPS, we strive to build equipment that will help a packager succeed for years to come by allowing that equipment to grow with the company. In addition to taking care of equipment, it is always important to plan for the future when investing in packaging machinery. To learn more about any of the equipment manufactured by LPS, or any of the upgrades available for equipment, contact the LPS offices today.