Recipes Screens Add Efficiency to the Production Process

One of the greatest features of automatic rinsing and filling machines is a simple little screen called the Recipe Screen. Simply put, this screen allows packagers to save and recall many of the settings for specific bottles or bottle and product combinations. The ability to save and recall recipes with the push of a button eliminates what can be a time consuming set up process with every changeover performed on these machines.

While the recipes will obviously include rinse or fill times for these automatic machines, they add many additional settings to assist in set up. In addition to the duration times mentioned above, indexing times can be saved and recalled to allow for proper movement of bottles through the machines each cycle. Delays may be changed on inverting rinsers to allow for more or less time for different bottles to drain after the rinse. Even pump speeds and changes in pump speed may be saved to the Recipe Screen.

While some physical changes may still be necessary, such as adjusting guide rails on conveyors and relocating nozzles to accomodate different bottle widths, the recipe screens remove many of the more tedious and time consuming components of set up. Rather than lining up bottles to record and re-record indexing times, or do repeated fills or rinses to find the ideal duration times, operators of the machinery can simply press a button on the operator interface and pull up all of the necessary settings. This also leads to another reason that Liquid Packaging Solutions requests samples of bottles, products and other elements of the packaging process. Having these items allows LPS to enter recipes during the testing of the machine, making set up quick and easy for the packager from day one.

Of course, LPS still encourages all packagers to understand the set up process, should new products and/or bottles be introduced in the future. To learn more about the Recipe Screen and the other operations which make automatic packaging machinery efficient and time-saving options, browse the specific machines on the LPS website or contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.