Improve Shelf Appeal with Packaging Machinery!

Purchasing packaging machinery is often looked at as a way to increase output, that is, produce more product and do so quickly. However, packaging machinery can also be extremely beneficial to the aesthetic appeal of the product once displayed on the shelf. This is important because no matter how many bottles a packager places on a shelf, they must appeal to the end user in order to benefit the packager, make money and justify producing more product! Different machines can carry different benefits when thinking about shelf appeal. Below we look at some of the common machines offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions and the benefits they add to the product appeal.


The aesthetic value derived from a filling machine will depend in part on the type of machine used and the goal of the packager for each specific product. For example, an overflow filling machine will fill each bottle to the same level. For cleaners, bottled water and other products with clear or nearly clear packaging, having each bottle filled to the same level is not only pleasing to the eye, but ensures no customer feels they are treated unfairly by getting an underfilled container. Other fillers can fill by net weight or volume, again ensuring customers do not feel cheated by getting less than a container may indicate. So in general terms, the filler impacts shelf appeal by interacting directly with the product to present to the customer in the best way possible.


Bottle capping machines offer a consistent and reliable sealing of containers. By tightening or sealing containers in the same manner, a consumer of the product will not need to worry about leaking, spilling or any other issue due to the sealing process. Closures, however, can impact shelf appeal in other ways as well. The capping machines may attach a closure in a manner that is convenient to open, re-close and open again. Different closures can also have aesthetic appeal, as fancy corks or even uniquely shaped caps can be used to make a product stand out. So in addition to consistency and reliability, bottle cappers can boost shelf appeal through convenience and aesthetics.


There is arguably no component of a package, or packaging machine, that impacts shelf appeal more than the label and the labeling machine, respectively. The label allows a packager to send a direct message to a consumer though a logo, trademark or even printing actual words and descriptions. The labeling machine can then apply the label in a number of different manners, from wraps to front and back labels to almost any other variation imaginable. The labeler can affect shelf appeal by applying an aesthetically pleasing stick to the container and by informing the consumer of benefits, expiration dates, lot numbers, ingredients and other information.

While these are the most common machines obtained by packagers, other equipment can also add appeal. Container cleaning machines, for example, can remove dust and debris from containers to avoid contamination and clean up containers before they reach the shelf. Nitrogen purge equipment can also extend shelf life while preserving flavor and color. To learn more about these and all of the equipment manufactured and offered by LPS, contact a Representative today toll free at 1-888-393-3693.