Why Visiting Your Own Equipment at LPS is a Wise Decision

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we encourage packagers to come and see their machinery in action before it leaves our production floor! Not only that, but we also request the packager bring their own bottles, caps, products, labels and other components of their project. While this might seem like an odd process when you consider that our customers come from across the United States and even from around the world, there are a number of good reasons for this trial run.

Among the top reasons for a visit to the LPS facility before delivery of the packaging equipment is to make sure that the expectations of the packager are met. Though the manufacturing process includes many meetings, conference calls, line layout drawings and revisions, none of these compare to actually watching the machinery perform once it has been built. Running the machinery using the packagers own products, bottles and other components leads to reason number two for an LPS site visit.

By testing the machinery on site using all of the components that will be used by the packager, unwelcome surprises can be eliminated prior to the beginning of production at the customer site. For example, running a filling machine with standard bottles may be fine until the machinery arrives and the customer tries to run a larger, smaller or just plain different bottle! Though filling machines work with a range of bottles, it is always better to try all of the bottles beforehand.  Performing this test run with customer components at the LPS site also saves time and money!

Let's imagine that an unexpected issue does arise with a piece of packaging equipment. If that equipment is still on the LPS floor, all the tools and materials necessary to fix the issue will likely be available on site! Rather than book flights, waste time traveling, accumulate overtime for production workers and others providing access to the equipment, LPS can immediately resolve the problem and send fully functioning equipment to the packagers production floor.

Finally, taking a trip to LPS provides free initial training to those that attend the testing of the equipment. While almost all of the equipment manufactured at our La Porte, Indiana facility is simple to understand and operate, customers can benefit from the added time working with the machinery and have a better understanding of the controls when it reaches their own production floor.

Though LPS does not require a customer to visit and test machinery prior to shipping, we do strongly encourage packagers to visit their machinery and take part in the testing process. The process helps to ensure that all expectations are met and that the equipment will perform as expected almost immediately upon delivery! To learn more about the in-house testing or about any of the packaging machinery manufactured by LPS, contact a Packaging Specialist toll-free at 1-888-393-3693.