Industrial Cleaners and Chemicals - Unique Packaging Characteristics

Many products have a characteristic that will keep the machinery used to package them somewhat consistent. Bottled water and distilled spirits are free-flowing products that will typically use an overflow filling machine to prepare the beverages for the shelf. Molten products, by definition, will require heated pathways to keep product flowing consistently while being prepared. In the Industrial Cleaners and Chemicals Industry, many of the products will require a few modifications to typical packaging machinery to safely, efficiently and consistently prepare the liquids for the shelf.

Hazardous Packaging Locations

When working with industrial cleaners or chemicals of any kind, there is a possibility that the products or fumes will be flammable, toxic or corrosive. The construction of the packaging machinery will be modified to deal with these unique and somewhat rare characteristics. The actual construction material may be swapped out for corrosive liquids, which will be touched on more below. But other safety precautions, such as special enclosures, remotely located control panels, intrinsically safe sensors and other components will likely be added to the design on a case-by-case basis to ensure that product will be packaged not only efficiently, but without causing harm to the machinery or the operators of the machinery.

Corrosive Chemicals

Acids, bleaches and other harsh liquid products, or even cleaners that contain acid or bleach, have a corrosive quality that may not react well with stainless steel. While most of the packaging equipment manufactured at Liquid Packaging Solutions uses stainless steel as a construction material and many components, in these cases the stainless material will simply shorten the useful life of the machinery. When corrosive products are packaged, the simple solution involves swapping out stainless construction and components for HDPE material. From conveyors to filling machinery and other equipment if necessary, HDPE provides a long-lasting solution for packagers of these products. Generally speaking, the same packaging machinery options will be available in HDPE construction as are available to those using stainless steel machinery.

Gritty Products for Industrial Cleaning

Many cleaning products and solutions for industrial cleaning will include a grit or particulates to offer a more thorough cleansing or scrubbing. The particulates in these products may limit both the type of fill and the type of nozzle that will be used on the filling machine, depending on the size and number of particulates. In addition, these product types may require agitation on the product prior to the filling process, to ensure the grit or other particulate does not settle in the tank, leaving bottles with liquid but none of the grit that assists in the cleaning process.

Though providing some unique solutions, packaging cleaners and chemicals has become a fairly common task at LPS, with those solutions involving simple tabletop equipment all the way to completely automated packaging solutions.