Initial Setup of an Automatic Packaging System

Initial Setup of an Automatic Packaging System

Setting up an automatic packaging line can be difficult, especially for first time users of automated machinery.  For this reason, Liquid Packaging Solutions will almost always assist in the installation and initial set up of equipment.  Below is a quick overview of the steps taken once the packaging machinery reaches the customer to begin running production. 

Uncrating the Machinery

The first step to preparing the packaging equipment is to remove it from whatever shipping method is used.  Most equipment will come crated or bolted to pallets for safety and easier mobility.  Normally, each individual machine will be placed on a pallet.  Care must be taken to move the pallets or crates to their proper location on the production floor.  Once in place, any crating can be removed, then the equipment will be unbolted from the pallet and finally set in place on the production floor.  With automatic equipment, a forklift will normally be used to move and place machines.

Set Up and Leveling On the Production Floor

Once all crating materials and pallets have been removed, the machine must be leveled on the production floor.  Power conveyors will normally be set up first in the desired position.  Each individual conveyor must be leveled for proper performance.  Machines such as bottle rinsers, liquid fillers and capping machines will roll up to the power conveyor system in their proper position, also being leveled after the conveyors have been leveled.  Once all equipment is in the desired location and leveled, each individual machine will usually need some adjustment.

Preparing Individual Machines

The adjustments to individual machines, of course, will depend on the actual machines being used on the packaging line.  Filling machines may require adjustments to nozzles and set up of fill times through the use of the PLC.  Capping machines will have to be adjusted for the type and size of cap.  Many times, when cap, bottle and product samples are supplied to LPS, these settings will be in place.  However, it is always a good idea to verify settings and adjustments to ensure nothing has changed in transit.  Of course, multiple products or bottles will require changes to machinery for each package or product to be run.  The machinery will initially be set for the first product and package combination.

LPS always encourages customers to take advantage of our technicians and expertise when installing an automated packaging line.  At the time of the installation, technicians can also supply training to the staff that will be be operating and overseeing at the time of installation, allowing for quick changeover and easy operation from day one.  Of course, if for any reason installation and training cannot be completed in the customer plant, LPS technicians are only a phone call away!