Integration and Turnkey Packaging Systems

Those familiar with Liquid Packaging Solutions, or even just our website, are aware that we offer a wide range of packaging equipment. Almost everything on our website is manufactured right in our own plant in La Porte, Indiana! From turntables and power conveyors to container cleaning equipment, nitrogen purge machines, liquid filling machines and capping equipment, LPS packaging machinery serves a wide range of industries and products. However, if you are only familiar with LPS through the website, you may not know about the services that the company also provides, allowing each and every packager to obtain a complete packaging line from a single source - Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Though LPS manufactures numerous packaging machines, we do not manufacture every piece of machinery that a packager may need or want on a complete line. In an industry that works to get literally millions of products on the shelf, no one manufacturer will be able to build every machine imaginable! However, by offering integration services, LPS makes it easier for packagers to get everything they need from a single source.

As a case study, we can look at distilled spirits, an industry which has seen nothing but growth over the past few years. A new distiller may be looking for an automated system to rinse, fill, cap and label their beverage. In theory, the distiller could contact a different manufacturer for the power conveyors, turntables, bottle rinser, filling machine, corking machine and labeler. This would require keeping in contact with each of the six manufacturers while ensuring that all met the required deadlines and that each manufacturer understood how the others machines would interact with their own. Such a task may also require a lot of traveling to different manufacturer locations for training and testing, while also welcoming several manufacturers into the distillery for installation (or hiring yet another company to perform the installation!).

However, integration services from LPS can simplify the process for the distiller in the scenario above. In this case, LPS could manufacture the turntables, power conveyors, rinser, filler and corker, leaving only the labeler to complete the line. LPS has established relationships with other manufacturers in the packaging industry that specialize in the manufacture of labelers. So instead of sending the distiller to search for a labeler that will work with the desired line, LPS can assist in procuring the correct labeler for the project. This is the beginning of the integration process.

Once the ideal labeling solution has been found, LPS will bring the labeling equipment onto our own production floor, allowing the complete line to be set up and tested in one location. Similarly, once the line is tested and accepted, it can be shipped together to the distillery for installation and training, which will be coordinated by LPS should technicians outside of the company be necessary for the install. So the integration services from LPS allow the distiller one point of contact from purchasing, through production and into installation, training and ongoing service, letting the packager focus on his or her own business and products.

To learn more about the equipment and services offered by LPS, simply browse the website or give LPS a call toll free at 1-888-393-3693 to speak with a Packaging Specialist.