Different Packaging For Different Industries

As manufacturers of packaging machinery, LPS Packaging Specialists will be asked about "typical" packaging for different industries. While it is true that certain industries have typical packages (think bottled water and the 16.9 ounce clear container), sometimes moving away from typical can help a packager even more. The key is to pay attention to your own industry and what it is YOUR consumers want.

Many studies try to pinpoint what consumers want, and many studies come to the same conclusions. Environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging to convenient to use and affordable packaging. One problem with some of these studies stems from the fact that they are looking at the industry as a whole, and sometimes the factors mean different things to consumers in different industries. We will take a quick look at convenience to show how packagers from different industries must think differently about their own goals.


Bottled water, as noted above, is pretty much known for the 16.9 ounce clear bottle that comes in single bottles or packs of 12 or 24. Convenience, for those drinking bottled water, stems from the ease of use and portability. Of course, larger containers exist as well, including three and five gallon water bottles that allow consumers to buy in bulk and, usually, reuse containers. While some may stray from the norm, the containers used in the bottled water industry provide a convenient solution for consumers that use the product.


Now imagine pet food in a sixteen ounce bottle, or even a three or five gallon plastic container. It just does not work. Consumers with pets look at convenience differently than those buying bottled water. Convenience might mean an easily opened and easily sealed bag or can, or packaging that clearly shows the ingredients to allow for an informed choice. Strangely enough, convenience for certain pet owners may mean five pound bags or fifty pound bags, depending on the consumer, which is why both will be found in the pet aisle. Bags and cans are almost always the rule in the pet food industry, though again, other packages can be used, if a packager is careful not to sacrifice convenience and other consumer wants and needs.


When dealing with any kind of chemical, be it weed killer, chlorine for a pool or industrial chemicals, convenience may include several of the factors already noted above. However, the safety of those using the chemical and the safety of storing the chemical will be a much more significant factor than bottled water or pet food, which will probably go into the refrigerator and a bin, respectively. Packaging for chemicals must make it easy for the consumer to both safely use and store the product without causing harm to persons or property. Harsh chemicals will not likely sit in a ten pound bag, nor will they usually be sealed with a simple twist on plastic flat cap. For packagers of chemicals, convenience and safety will go hand in hand.

The best thing to do when choosing packaging for any industry is to first pay attention to the packages that are already on the market. For companies that already have customers, ask them what they would like to see changed with packaging, if anything. Find out what is important to the people that will be using your product and plan your packaging accordingly, while also keeping in mind costs, efficiency and other factors. To discuss your package or your packaging project with an LPS representative, feel free to contact our offices today.