Is There a Specific Filling Machine for My Industry?

Is There a Specific Filling Machine for My Industry?

There are numerous industries that are involved in packaging a product.  To get some idea of the meaning of that statement, simply pay attention to all of the different products available to the general public the next time you are out shopping.  Bottled water has an industry all its own.  Foods and beverages must all be packaged for the consumer.  Cosmetics, household goods, pet foods, oils and lubricants, chemicals and more are all packaged for the end user.  Many of these products are run through a liquid filling machine as one of several steps in getting the product ready for the shelf.  So, is there a filling machine built specifically for each industry?

The answer to that question is both yes and no.  While no filling machine is manufactured specifically for a certain industry, there are certain filling machines that seem to fit in well with most products in an industry.  For example, if you visited a bottled water plant, odds are you would see an overflow filling equipment in the production area.  Not only does the overflow filler work well with free-flowing products such as water, but the overflow principle is a perfect fit for products that are packaged in clear bottles, like most bottled waters.  Keep in mind, however, that the overflow filler will be used for many other water-like products across a number of industries as well.  Window cleaner, some salad dressings and even corrosive products like acid and bleach may be run on an overflow filler.  

So while a liquid filler may be suited to a particular industry or, more often, a particular product, each and every filler, from overflow and gravity to piston and pump, will likely be used across a number of different industries.  For each product, the correct filling machine will often be chosen based in large part on the product viscosity, though other factors such as production rate and even bottle or container type and size may play a factor.  Given that each industry, with the possible exception of bottled water, tends to include products both thick and thin, it becomes clear why different types of filling equipment are used for the same industry and why the packaging machines cross over from industry to industry.  

Choosing filling equipment for your unique product can be challenging if you are not familiar with packaging machinery technology.  Let a Packaging Specialist from Liquid Packaging Solutions help you pick the right equipment for your project.  Contact LPS today toll free at 1-888-393-3693.