Keep Machinery Running Smoothly with Technical Support and Parts

While Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures packaging machinery, with much of the focus of the website on the various equipment built in the LaPorte, Indiana plant, the company's relationship with the packager does not end once the machines are built. LPS wants to ensure that the equipment delivered to the production floor performs efficiently and effectively long after that initial delivery date. For this reason, LPS offers after-sale services to all customers who put their trust in LPS packaging machinery and an ongoing partnership with those who chose to trust LPS machines.

Throughout the life of packaging machinery, there will likely be days when the equipment just does not seem to be running to maximum potential. While all of the reasons for issues to exist are too numerous to list, they are often as simple as an unlevel machine, a change in the settings or undue wear on specific parts for any given machine. LPS technicians are always available to offer support in identifying and correcting issues with packaging machinery. While almost all issues can be resolved with a simple phone call and discussion, LPS also offers support through online meetings, email, or on those rare occasions when necessary, plant visits. Technicians will work with packagers to find the cause and quickly get machinery back to running consistently and efficiently.

In addition to the technical support, the LPS Parts Department keeps many different wear and replacement parts in stock, allowing for quick and easy replacement of components when necessary.  While spare parts for filling machines, capping machines, conveyor systems and more are all kept at LPS, the company also encourages packagers to keep the most common wear parts on the shelf at their own production facility. This reduces downtime by removing the time necessary for shipping and, if not a standard part, ordering or fabricating the items. For those packagers who have not replenished spare parts in some time, or for those just not sure which parts to keep in-house, the LPS Parts Department can help choose those critical components.

Both Technical Support and the Parts Department can be reached by calling 219-393-3600 during regular business hours of 8 AM to 4 PM Central Time Monday through Friday. Both departments can also be reached by filling out a contact form on the LPS website, which will then be routed to the correct person for the situation.