Key Benefits of Liquid Packaging Solutions' Filling Machines

Among other machinery, Liquid Packaging Solutions spends a lot of production time manufacturing filling machines for a wide variety of industries. LPS equipment is used to fill foods, beverages, oils, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, household cleaners and just about any other liquid category you can imagine! And these bottle fillers are one of the most popular machines manufactured by LPS for a reason. Below are a few of the main benefits gained by using an LPS filler.

Many new packagers, or start-up businesses, will move to a filling machine from hand filling bottles. Almost all of these packagers move to equipment to save time by gaining speed in the filling process. So higher bottling speeds is one of the key benefits of using an LPS liquid filler. In addition, the level of automation and the speed with which bottles are filled, can be matched to the individual packager and his or her project. New packagers may simply upgrade to tabletop machinery which allows for several bottles to consistently and repeatedly be filled in an efficient manner. Established packagers, or companies that have grown to high demand, may require completely automated filling machines capable of filling 100 or more bottles a minute, but the speed of the machinery is almost always a key benefit of moving to a filling machine.

Other packagers may point out the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the machinery as a key benefit. Filling machines can be built using more than one filling principle, allowing the machine to perform to the specific requirements of the packager and product at hand. Filling machines may fill by volume, by level or even by weight, depending on the industry specifications. Some products may be able to use more than one type of fill, while others, in certain industries, may be required to fill by volume or by weight. The ability to match the filler to the product and accurately fill by the necessary principle is another key benefit of LPS machinery.

In addition, from tabletop to semi-automatic to fully automatic, filling machines will typically be built to allow for additional growth beyond current production demand. Filling machines will be manufactured with a certain number of fill heads, but a packager can usually add fill heads in the future, up to a certain point. For example, a tabletop filler may start with two fill heads, but as demand for a product grows, an additional two or four heads might be added to increase output. Though every machine will have an upper limit, the ability of the bottle fillers to grow with the company is another added benefit of the equipment.

Of course, other benefits may be gained simply based on the specific project at hand. Unique bottles, products or projects may require a unique filling machine. However, even custom filling machines will likely include the benefits listed above. To learn more, visit the Filling Machinery section of the LPS website, or contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.