Packaging Equipment for the Automotive Industry

Mention the automotive industry and most people think about vehicle manufacturers or those companies that manufacture parts and components for cars. But even once of the assembly line, products available for vehicles are numerous, and many of them are liquid! Of course, you have petroleum, or motor oil, but let's not forget wiper fluid, brake fluid, coolant, transmissions and power steering fluids. With millions of cars on the road in the United States alone, the liquids necessary for performance after a car leaves the lot make up a big part of the industry as well. Liquid Packaging Solutions serves the automotive industry by providing conveyors, container cleaning equipment, filling machines, capping machines and other equipment that helps these fluids reach the car owners.

Packaging systems for the automotive industry will vary depending on what exactly is being packaged, including not just the different products, but the bottles, caps, seals and labels that are used for the packaging as well. Generally speaking, each and every packaging system for the automotive industry will be custom manufactured to meet the needs of the packager. The best example of this lies with filling machines that are manufactured for the industry.

Motor oils themselves can vary in viscosity, but when compared to some of the other fluids used in vehicles, the range of viscosities for liquids in the industry can vary even more. Different filling machines may be used for products of different viscosities, so that overflow, gravity, piston and pump fillers may all be used to prepare automotive products. In addition, some of these products may be harsh or corrosive, some may be filled by volume while for others this may not be a concern. The final solution for packaging an automotive liquid will take these and other considerations in to account to ensure the most efficient and reliable machinery is built.

As another example, capping machinery for liquids in the industry will depend in large part on the type of bottle or bottles being used for the project. While screw-on, or continuous thread, type caps will be the most commonly found closures in the industry, these cap types can also vary greatly in both size and design. The bottles themselves can also have an effect on the set up of a bottle capper when an F-style bottle, large container, small container or some other unique characteristic is present. Building the spindle, chuck or other capping machine specifically for the project at hand again ensures efficient and consistent performance of the packaging equipment.

To learn more about the different LPS machines available for products in the automotive industry, or to discuss your own project with a Packaging Specialist, contact Liquid Packaging Solutions today.