Learn More About LPS Packaging Equipment On YouTube

While our website here at Liquid Packaging Solutions will give you a lot of information about the various packaging machinery manufactured in our La Porte, Indiana plant, sometimes there is simply no substitution for watching the equipment at work! Running and testing packaging equipment is a part of the manufacturing process here at LPS, and whenever possible, we like to share that process via the videos we post to YouTube. Below are a few videos of some of our more popular machines and lines, just click on the link to watch and learn.

Overflow Filling Machine

Overflow fillers are popular for a number of different products and work well for liquids that are packaged in clear bottles or containers. Because these liquid fillers achieve the same level fill in each and every container, they can add consistency and shelf appeal to such products. The automatic overflow filler seen in the video can be manufactured with anywhere from two to sixteen fill heads, and the bottle filler is also available in semi-automatic and tabletop models.

Spindle Capping Machine

Spindle cappers tighten down screw on type caps for a wide range of products and industries. These machines can handle not just flat top screw-on closures, but also flip-tops, sports caps and even trigger sprayers. The machine uses sets of matched spindles that grip the cap as the cap and bottle pass by and tighten the closure. Automatic machines use cap delivery systems and require very little operator interaction, but spindle capping machines are also available in tabletop and semi-automatic versions.

Automatic Rinsing Machine

Automatic rinsing machines can be a crucial part of a packaging system for a business that must keep their products pure. For instance, foods and beverages can be ruined by contaminants. Bottles and containers may contain contaminants from the process of manufacturing the bottle, from transportation or even from simple storage. The inverting rinsing machine in the video link uses air to remove such debris, but water or other cleaning liquids can also be employed. Just like the fillers and cappers described above, rinsing equipment can be built as tabletop or semi-automatic equipment for facilities with lower production demands.

Complete Turnkey Packaging System

Of course, in addition to manufacturing the above machinery and many others, LPS also offers integration services that allow packagers to procure all of their machinery in one place. Manufacturing and integration, combined with training, installation and continuing service and technical help means one contact for packagers for all of their machinery needs. The system being tested in the video below was manufactured for a producer of distilled spirits, but LPS also manufactures equipment for food, chemicals, cosmetics, household products, shampoos, gels and more!

Every machine or system that LPS creates will be created for the specific task at hand, truly making each piece of equipment a custom machine! For more information on any of the packaging equipment manufactured by LPS, feel free to contact a Packaging Specialist Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693.