Power Conveyor Systems for Any Packaging Line

Conveyor systems can add speed and efficiency to almost any packaging process. Of course, some systems simply do not need conveyors, such as tabletop systems or semi-automatic uniframe processes. But if automatic machinery is used on a line, power conveyors pretty much become a necessity to reach maximum output for the equipment. However, transferring bottles or containers from one machine to another is only one function of power conveyors and the use of conveyors will depend on the specific set up for each liquid packaging system.

Fully automated packaging systems may include a number of different packaging machines. The most typical use of power conveyors utilizes the system to connect bottle fillers, capping machines, labeling equipment and any other machines used on the line. Such a system may be set up in a straight line, but power conveyors may also use curved sections to turn bottles or containers on the packaging system. In the alternative, transfer turntables may also be used to allow for ninety degree turns from conveyor to conveyor. Curved sections and transfer turntables allow for flexibility in designing and laying out the conveyor system, and thus the packaging line.

But in addition to transferring bottles, power conveyors can also assist in completing several other tasks on a packaging line. For products that are filled hot and need time to cool before moving to the capping and sealing machinery, power cooling conveyors may be the perfect solution. Cooling conveyors may be set up as single tier serpentine type systems or may use several tiers if additional cooling time is necessary. Some cooling conveyors may also use fans to assist in product setting.

Power conveyors can also be employed to help load and accumulate products at the beginning and end of a packaging line in some circumstances. Loading and laning conveyors can be used to add bottles to the beginning of the packaging line. These power conveyors will then present lines, rows or individual bottles to the main system to transfer them from machine to machine. Accumulating conveyors, as the name suggests, will simply accumulate finished product (normally, though they may be used anywhere on a packaging line). Once gathered, manual labor may be used to pack or otherwise prepare product for shipping to the end users.

In some cases, packagers may automate one portion of their process and complete the turnkey line over time. When a single automatic machine is sold, the conveyor will often be included with the machine, be it a rinsing machine, liquid filler or capping equipment. Turntables may be used on single machines to complete the given process, loading bottles on the turntable to allow the conveyor to move through the machine and then accumulating them on the second turntable. Once all of the machines are acquired for a complete system, additional conveyors may be added to automate the entire line!

Each conveyor system will be designed, manufactured and installed on a case-by-case basis to provide the ideal solution for the task at hand, and conveyors come in many different forms - from sanitary to low profile and even acid resistant. For more information on any of the conveyors offered by LPS, simply browse the conveyors and turntables section of the website or contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS.