Liquid Packaging Solutions - A Packaging Partner

Liquid Packaging Solutions is known as a packaging machinery manufacturer. From conveyors and turntables to container cleaning equipment, liquid fillers and capping machinery, LPS produces machinery year in and year out for just about every industry that produces a liquid. The equipment built in the Indiana plant ranges from simple tabletop equipment for smaller packagers to fully automated packaging lines for businesses producing thousands of bottles or containers of product a day. It is exactly this experience with packagers both large and small that allows LPS to be more than just a manufacturer.

With each category of packaging machinery mentioned above, there exists numerous different options for packaging project. Some loading, accumulating and conveying options work better with small containers, or round containers or large containers. Some liquid fillers are built for free-flowing liquids while others handle higher viscosities with more efficiency and consistency. Different capping machines are made for different types of closures. Before any equipment is ever built, Liquid Packaging Solutions can help a packager identify the best solution and the best options for their own specific packaging project. LPS Packaging Specialists consult with packagers every day to help find both the machinery and the features that will provide the best end result.

And once the machinery is built, LPS remains a resource for each and every packager as they run their business. Technicians are available to not only install the equipment, but also train the operators to ensure optimal efficiency and machinery life. While not all equipment will require such training, technicians are always available if necessary to answer questions, troubleshoot or simply refresh an operators memory when processes change.

Technical service extends beyond the installation and training as well. LPS understands that a company may expand, add new products or simply experience employee turnover. Once in service, packagers can take advantage of LPS knowledge through a simple phone call, zoom meeting or, in rare cases, a return visit to the plant to help with retraining or retooling packaging machinery.

Finally, LPS offers packagers a quick and easy resource to restock and re-order wear and replacement parts for their equipment. Machinery often includes wear parts, those components that may contact the package, cap or other components while the packaging process occurs. Spindle capping machines, for example, include disks that contact the cap to thread the same onto the container. Over time, these disks will require replacement to ensure consistent and peak performance when tightening closures. The LPS service department will help packagers determine which parts should be kept on site and will also be available to order parts directly when necessary.

With each of these services, Liquid Packaging Solutions hopes to provide not only long-lasting, efficient equipment, but also a long-lasting resource for packagers that allows them to focus on other aspects of their business knowing their machinery needs will be handled through their partnership with LPS.