Speed Up Packaging with a Rinse, Fill, Cap Line

Preparing products for the shelf can be time consuming when all facets of the packaging must be done by labor. Packaging machinery not only helps speed up the process, but also ensures that rinsing, filling and capping of product is done in a consistent and reliable manner. Systems to rinse bottles, add product and seal the bottles can be manufactured to run automatically with an operator available to set up and monitor the system. However, semi-automatic equipment can also be manufactured to rinse, fill and cap bottles using one or multiple operators for the machinery.

Automatic systems will rinse, fill and cap containers without the need for an operator for each bottle or cycle being prepared for the customer. Power conveyors transfer bottles from one machine to the next, with indexing systems, cap delivery systems and other components removing the need for manual labor to handle the bottles, caps or product. Manual labor may be necessary to load bottles onto the conveyor or prepare finished product for shipping, but equipment is also available for these tasks as well. A system operator will simply monitor the system for proper function and supply bulk bottles, caps and other components as needed.

Of course, consistent and reliable rinsing, filling and capping is a useful addition to any packaging system, not just those that require automatic equipment to meet demand. Semi-automatic packaging machinery can help manual labor achieve consistency and reliability while also speeding up the packaging process as well. Tabletop and full-frame semi-automatic machinery will usually require a single operator for each cycle to be run. For instance, an operator may place four bottles under fill nozzles on a semi-automatic filling machine. Once in place, the operator will use a foot or finger switch to start the fill cycle. Upon completion, the bottles are removed, and the process is repeated.

Semi-automatic equipment can be set up to allow a single operator to rinse, fill and cap bottles if production demand is low. The machinery can also be used by multiple operators to rinse, fill and cap at the same time to add a little speed to the process. Full-frame semi-automatic equipment can also allow for an upgrade to automatic production if the packager is expecting future orders and demand, allowing the equipment to grow with the packager.

With nearly infinite configurations available for both automatic and semi-automatic rinsing, filling and capping equipment, or even a combination of both, each packaging line will be tailored to the needs of the individual packager. Of course, additional equipment may be added to the rinse, fill, cap line to perform other functions as well. To learn more about any of the equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, simply browse the LPS website or contact an LPS Packaging Specialist with to discuss a specific project or to ask questions on a specific machine.