Liquid Packaging Solutions - After Sale Service and Relationship

As a packaging machinery manufacturer, Liquid Packaging Solutions is well aware that our job is not complete once a packager trusts us enough to use our equipment to prepare their own products. Of course, LPS must build and deliver the equipment for the specific packager. And in most cases, at least for automatic machinery, LPS technicians will also install the system and train the packager's employees before turning over production to the packager.

But at LPS, we expect our relationship with the packager to extend beyond the installation and training as well, or beyond delivery for tabletop and semi-automatic machineries that do not require an install and training. We view each piece of equipment that leaves our facility as the beginning of a partnership as LPS equipment continually helps the products of the packager to reach the consumer. For both companies to be successful, LPS equipment must continue to work, and work efficiently, well past the delivery of the machines.

If all goes well, there honestly may be little contact between LPS and the packager for several years following installation and training, other than catching up at tradeshows or holiday well wishes. But LPS stays at the ready when the packager comes calling in several different ways. First, LPS keeps a well-stocked spare parts room for those packagers who will need to replace wear parts on their machinery, and just about every piece of equipment includes wear parts. Wear parts may be the nozzle seals on an overflow filler, gripper belts or disks on a spindle capper or any other part that comes in contact with bottles, caps, product or some other component of the packaging process.

Second, technicians are on hand should the packager need future assistance keeping the machinery running efficiently. The causes of the need for assistance are many, from new products or bottles to new employees unfamiliar with running the machines! Sometimes the cause simply cannot be found, but the equipment requires a tweak or adjustment, and LPS techs will walk operators through the equipment to find the correct adjustment.

Finally, the LPS engineering department can work with the Packaging Specialists to assist in upgrading individual machines or the process as a whole as a company grows. Many LPS machines are designed to grow with a packager, to allow for a long useful life. Additional nozzles, for example, can often be added to filling machines to increase the output or production speed when demand for a product grows. Some semi-automatic machines can also be upgraded to run automatically when demand grows quickly and exponentially.

So designing, building, delivering, installing and training a packager on LPS equipment is simply the beginning of the business relationship! LPS works to create a lasting partnership by not just providing efficient and effective equipment, but by also providing the tools and knowledge necessary to extend the life of that equipment long in to the future.