Liquid Packaging Solutions and Industries Served

Liquid Packaging Solutions team members often fields questions about whether or not LPS equipment will work with a certain product. Can your fillers handle honey? Will your rinsing equipment work with glass bottles? Will this capper tighten caps with pump sprayers and inserts? These and similar questions are all valid inquiries and in almost every situation, the answer is "yes".

LPS serves a wide range of industries. With a few exceptions, the "Liquid" in the company name truly covers the extent of the products and industries that LPS equipment serves. From water and water-like products to very viscous items like honey, toothpaste, gels and thick creams that some might not even think of as liquid. In fact, some finished items are NOT liquid products when packaged, but instead will be filled as a liquid. Think of the wax used for candles, which can be filled at a high temperature using a molten filling machine, turning the solid candle to liquid, then allowing it to set, cool and become the finished product for the end user.

Foods, all types of beverages, cosmetics, skincare, cbd oils, automative fluids, fertilizers and other chemicals are just some of the products that LPS has worked with in 2019 alone! Even corrosive chemicals can be packaged using LPS packaging machinery. Harsh chemicals may require a modification to the design, such as HDPE frames on certain machines to extend the useful life of the equipment where the chemicals would quickly eat away at stainless steel. While LPS offers container cleaning equipment, filling machines, capping machines and more, each category of equipment includes many different options for rinsing, filling and sealing, which allows LPS to serve almost every industry with a liquid!

For some LPS equipment, the uses extend beyond liquid as well. Power conveyor systems can move many different types of bottles and containers, whether being filled with liquid or other product. Nitrogen purge systems are often used to remove oxygen from the headspace of containers filled with powder or solids. Even where unique products or containers are involved, LPS can custom manufacture equipment to work to meet the needs of the special project.

You can see a few of the industries served as well as some sample packaging lines by visiting the Industries Page of the LPS website. But even if you don't see your specific product listed, feel free to contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS for assistance in identifying the best solutions for your own packaging needs.