Liquid Packaging Solutions - Products We Help To Package

If you check out our website under Industries, you will see a number of different general categories that cover a wide range of products. This is simply due to the fact that we don't quite have enough room on our website to list all the different products that we have helped to package over the years! From liquids to semi-solids, and even some solids products, Liquid Packaging Solutions has helped to move products (power conveyor systems), clean products (rinsers, bottle vacuums), fill bottles (by level, volume, net weight and more) and seal containers (spindle cappers, bartop corkers, chuck cappers and more) and otherwise prepare product for the shelf. A few of the many items we have helped to package are listed below. If you would like to know what type of experience we have with your own product, give LPS a call and speak with a Packaging Specialist today.


Lately, distilled spirits have been probably the most popular product for which we have manufactured machinery. Relaxed laws and licensing in recent years have led to an influx of new and unique beverages in this industry. LPS has built both tabletop systems for start up and regional companies as well as completely automated packaging systems for those distilleries with higher production. Both fill-to-level and fill by volume equipment can work in the industry, though the overflow level fill seems to be more popular since many of these products are packaged in clear containers.


Still popular after many years, LPS helps to design and integrate bottled water lines across the country and around the world. Though slowed since the 80's and 90's, bottled water does still continue to grow as a choice for consumers. These systems can range from tabletop to inline to special five gallon equipment depending on the packager and their process. Again, due to the popularity of clear containers in the industry, a fill-to-level overflow filler is one of the most popular pieces of machinery in the industry, as is the spindle capping machine, since most bottle waters will seal the container with a simple screw-on type flat cap.


Corrosive and non-corrosive chemicals serve many different purposes, but the corrosive liquids can present unique challenges for packaging machinery. First and foremost, stainless steel is a popular construction material for packaging machinery. But what about packaging those products that corrode the very material from which the machine in manufactured? For corrosive products, LPS manufactures turntables, conveyors and filling machines in HDPE, to extend the useful life of the equipment without taking away from the reliability or efficiency of the machinery. Many times chemicals will also require an explosion proof design or construction as well, requiring intrinsically safe sensors or even, in some cases, purely pneumatic operation.


Vitamins, supplements, medications, medical products and more make up the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry. Many times, these items may be packaged in smaller containers such as vials and test tubes. So though not always the case, a monoblock system can be popular for the industry. The monoblock system uses star wheel indexing to move these smaller containers around in a circle, allowing each to be filled, capped or sealed, labeled and otherwise prepared for the shelf in a small, yet efficient area. Packaging systems for pharma and nutra products, because the products are almost always ingested or injected, will likely be designed as sanitary systems.


Given the variations of foods and beverages in the world today, it is no surprise that some variation of every machine manufactured by LPS is probably working to package a food or beverage somewhere in the world. From free-flowing juices to thicker products like honey and pasta sauces, bottle fillers may be built as overflow, gravity or even pump or piston filling machines. While screw on caps are quite popular among many items in this category, snap caps, T-corks and even ROPP caps will also be seen. The sheer volume of different products makes it nearly impossible to point to "typical" machinery for the industry, as each line will be manufactured to the unique needs of the many different products. However, because these products are made for ingesting, just like machines for Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, most lines will always be built as sanitary lines.

Other industries that are similar to the Food and Beverage Industry in that they contain a variety of differing products include Household Products, Personal Care Items and Cosmetics. These items can also range from thin, free-flowing window cleaners to thick and paste-like fingernail polish.  Many other industries and sub-industries also exist in addition to those mentioned above.  Regardless of your product, LPS can offer guidance in choosing, designing, manufacturing, integrating and operating the right equipment.