Lps a Unique Company in Packaging Machinery Manufacturing

LPS a Unique Company in Packaging Machinery Manufacturing

As the demand for packaging machinery and the packaging industry itself grows from year to year, so does the competition for the business of those doing the packaging.  While many may be capable of building packaging machines to handle different products, Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. is proud to stand out as not only a manufacturer, but also a packaging resource for all customers, big and small.


Before any action takes place on the production floor at LPS, the staff of Packaging Specialists will work with the packager to identify the specific needs for each unique project.  This will involve, at a minimum, talking to those most familiar with the project.  However, product and package samples and site visits will often be included during the information gathering process, along with any other necessary steps.  Once the information is collected, different options can be discussed to find the best possible packaging machinery solution, whether it is the upgrade of a single machine - such as a filling machine, capping machine or power conveyor system - or the design and construction of a completely new packaging line. 


Once the necessary equipment has been identified and chosen, the manufacturing process can begin.  LPS manufactures many different pieces of packaging machinery, from conveyors and turntables to liquid fillers, capping equipment and container cleaning machines.  However, when customers are looking for a complete, turnkey packaging solution - from loading to packing - the packaging line will likely include some machinery that the company does not build itself.  For this reason, LPS maintains close industry relationships with other machinery manufacturers, such as those building labeling machines, coders and induction sealing equipment.  Combining LPS manufacturing know-how with the skills of other equipment manufacturers allows LPS to integrate machinery and offer the best and most complete packaging solutions to customers. 


Once the equipment is manufactured, integrated, staged, tested and accepted, LPS technicians will arrive to install the equipment and train all necessary personnel in the proper use of the same.  Packaging machines must be properly positioned and leveled on the production floor to perform efficiently.  In addition, adjusting a single setting improperly can possibly have detrimental effects on the performance of the machine.  LPS technicians will teach the operators of the machinery how to run and troubleshoot the machine.  For most automatic equipment, settings for each of the containers, products, caps and other components will also be saved by the technicians upon initial set up of the machinery to be recalled at a later time.  This removes the need for the operator of the machine to fine tune the equipment at each new production run, instead simply using a touchscreen interface to recall all necessary parameters.  The main focus of the installation and training will be to get the equipment running smoothly and efficiently, but the result will also be ease of operation for customer employees.


Even with installation and training, mistakes can occur, from human error to component malfunctioning.  LPS relationships with packaging companies do not end at the installation of the packaging machines and the training of employees.  Packaging Specialists are available on a daily basis to assist in resolving issues with the machinery, including plant visits if the same becomes necessary.  In addition, LPS stocks a wide range of replacement parts on site at the LaPorte, Indiana plant.  As parts are replaced, or upgrades are necessary to keep up with increasing product demand, LPS will stand with the customer through the entire process, not just to the end of the installation and warranty period.


Using the process set out above to gather information, analyze the results and choose the best solution, LPS is able to serve companies both large and small.  From local bottlers of water or distilled spirits to contract packagers and Fortune 500 companies running multiple products and high productions, LPS can create solutions for almost any packaging project.  Our commitment to our customers does not stop at the sale because we are well aware that our success depends almost entirely on the success of those who entrust us to build their machinery.  If you have not yet worked with LPS, we invite you to experience the difference that our manufacturing and full range of packaging services offers to our current customers.