LPS ROPP Cappers and Bottle Corkers Gain in Popularity

The popularity of capping machinery depends in part on the popularity of the type of closure used to seal a bottle or other container. For years, a majority of products have used some form of a screw-on type closure. Also known as a continuous thread cap, these closures are found on products ranging from bottled water and other beverages to soaps, shampoos, motor oil and more. While some screw-on caps, such as those found on bottled water, are simple flat caps, others take the form of trigger sprayers, pumps, flip top caps, sports caps and more. The many different versions of the screw-on cap made both the spindle capper and chuck capping machine very popular equipment among packagers.

While these two cappers remain two of the most manufactured machines at Liquid Packaging Solutions, recent years have seen machinery for two different types of closures gain in popularity. Both ROPP cappers and corking machines are used to seal containers with a principle other than screwing the cap over threads.

ROPP Capping Machines

Rather than having a threaded cap that screws on over a threaded bottle top, the ROPP capper uses an unthreaded aluminum shell to create a seal for the bottle and product. This unthreaded blank is placed over the bottle and the capping head will use special rollers or knives to create threads on the shell and bottle. So while not a spindle or chuck capper, the ROPP capping machine does use threads, the machine itself just creates those threads.

Corking Machinery

With a relaxing of regulations, the distilled spirits industry has seen an influx of new products over the last several years. Similarly, CBD oils have enjoyed a boost in popularity in the recent past. With this influx came many new products that use T-corks and other cork closures to seal bottles both large and small. Corking machines are relatively self-explanatory, as the machines simply push the cork closure into place in the bottles. As many craft distilleries have begun producing spirits on a smaller scale, corking machines, like ROPP cappers and all other capping machines, are available in both semi-automatic and automatic versions, making the equipment available for packagers both large and small.

Capping machines can add efficiency and reliability to the packaging process by creating a repeatable process that allows each and every bottle or container to consistently sealed. To learn more about the capping machinery mentioned above or any of the other bottle cappers manufactured by LPS, visit the Capping Machinery section of the website or give LPS a call today.