Monoblock System for Automatic Packaging in Smaller Spaces

While theoretically almost every packager could benefit from automatic packaging machinery, in practice, there are many reasons why a packager may choose to prepare products either by hand or with semi-automatic equipment. One of these reasons is a lack of production space. Not every company packaging a product has the floor space for a complete, inline packaging system that includes multiple automatic machines. However, in certain circumstances, the production space necessary for automated packaging can be greatly reduced by using a monoblock packaging system.

Monoblock machines include multiple packaging machines mounted to the same frame, typically using a starwheel to move bottles or containers from one station to another. The machines mounted to the frame can be chosen to perform whatever tasks required or desired by the individual packager. For example, a monoblock machine may fill a bottle, insert a plug, then place and tighten an overcap. All of this would be done from the same frame, with each step performed at a different position on the starwheel. Any of these three steps above could be replaced by a number of different packaging tasks as needed for the individual project.

While monoblock systems save space, they are better tailored to certain projects. Vials, tubes and smaller containers will usually move easier and more efficiently through the monoblock system. The system can also help to keep these types of containers stable through the packaging processes, either via a puck (for round bottom containers) or by simply using the conveyor to move containers into and out of the starwheel. Servo motors are used to stop containers when necessary at the precise location for the packaging process to complete. Just like in-line automatic machinery, different filler and capper types are available to use on the monoblock, and truly custom machinery can be added for unique projects or components.

In most cases, the monoblock machine will use an Allen Bradley PLC and touchscreen interface to allow for machine setup prior to running automatic production. Changeover, where necessary, will normally allow for minimal downtime and quick and easy adjustments. Of course, the controls for each monoblock machine will vary based on the equipment actually added to the frame.

While other options exist for limited space packaging systems, the monoblock provides a great alternative to larger, in-line options that require a substantial amount of floor space. To learn more about monoblock packaging systems, or any of the other packaging solutions offered by LPS, have a look at the product categories on the website or contact a Packaging Specialist at 1-219-393-3600 today.