Packaging Machinery Options - Rinsing, Filling and Capping Smarter

Finding the right machine is always one of the first steps when designing a packaging line. For instance, a packager using threaded, screw-on type closures on an automated packaging line will likely use a spindle capping machine. The spindle capper is built to handle a range of continuous thread caps. ROPP cappers, bartop corkers and other capping machines are built for a different type of closure. But even once the spindle capper is identified as the best machine for the job, there are different options on that machine that can add efficiency and reliability to the packaging process.

Options for packaging machines are a way to tailor packaging equipment for specific projects. Some options can be found across almost all equipment. For example, rinsing machines, liquid fillers and capping machinery can all be manufactured to run automatically or semi-automatically. For those smaller packagers using a liquid filler, the semi-automatic options may make sense to save money and space while still consistently preparing products for the shelf.

Other options tend to be machine specific. Rinsing machines include the option to use air, water, or other rinse media when cleaning bottles. Filling machines may use drip trays or neck grabbers when unusual bottle shapes or sizes are being filled. These machines may also be built to run pneumatically where electricity is not available or feasible. Some capping machines may use double gripper belts to hold bottles steady during the capping process. Even a power conveyor system offers options for belt height, width and material to ensure bottle movement happens efficiently.

Almost every packaging machine available from Liquid Packaging Solutions will also offer options for projects with unique characteristics or components. At LPS, Packaging Specialists match the machine and the options to the packager's own project to ensure the best solution and the best results. For one-of-a-kind projects, LPS can engineer and manufacture custom packaging machinery as well, creating the needed options from scratch.

Have a question about your own packaging project? Need help identifying the best machines to rinse, fill, cap and otherwise prepare your products? Contact a Packaging Specialist at 219-393-3600, or use the forms found on the LPS website to get in touch today.