More Product Information Equals Better Packaging Solutions

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, packaging machinery is manufactured for a wide range of product and industries each and every year. Though certain types of packaging equipment will be seen more often in specific industries, there is truly no one solution for every product in an industry. For this reason, LPS considers every machine manufactured to be a custom packaging machine.

In browsing the LPS website, packagers may notice examples of packaging lines for certain products, such as distilled spirits, bottled water, honey and personal care products. These complete lines, however, are just that, examples of lines that may be used for the named products. To understand better how each machine or line is custom manufactured, consider a distilled spirits project.

In many cases, distilled spirits are packaged into 375 and 750 ml bottles. Bottle shapes are often consistent across products as well. A T-cork is a common method for sealing spirit bottles and front and back labels are popular for the spirit bottles. The Basic Automated Packaging System for Distilled Spirits found on the LPS website provides a fairly common packaging setup for distillers. However, almost every project will include some modification or change to this line.

For instance, the overflow filler may include anywhere from 2 to 16 fill heads, depending on the demand for the spirit. Though many distilled spirits are packaged in clear glass bottles, making the overflow filler an ideal choice for preparing the productt, some packagers may also choose to use a gravity filler rather than an overflow filler for a variety of reasons. Though 375 and 750 ml are seen often in the industry, there do exist unique bottle shapes and sizes used for bottling distilled spirits.

And not every distiller will use a T-cork or cork-like closure to seal the bottle. Some may use an ROPP cap, others may simply use a screw-on type closure. The type of cork or cap used will determine the best capping machine for any project or product. Unique bottles may also require a different labeling format on occasion, using a wrap or panel label rather than the front and back that is most seen on spirits.

All of the different options and possible modifications even in a single industry are what makes LPS machinery custom machinery for virtually every project. The more information gathered by LPS Packaging Specialists before the project begins, the better the final solution will be for that packager. For this reason, LPS always requests samples of products, bottles, caps, labels and any other components used in the packaging process. Not only do the samples allow LPS to understand the project and the needs of the project, but it also allows for testing of the machinery with the packager's items, ensuring that the best machinery is ultimately placed on the production floor.

LPS representatives are always available to discuss projects and machinery, from single pieces of equipment to full lines, to help packagers find the best solution for any process or product. To learn more about semi-automatic or automatic equipment for any industry, just browse the website or contact LPS today.