DISTILLED SPIRITS - Basic Automated Packaging System

Distilled spirits has become a booming industry with creativity at the core, in both the products and the packaging.  Creative packaging can lead to a number of different machines being used on a packaging line for Distilled Spirits, but a typical system may include:

Other filling and capping machinery may be used on a Distilled Spirits line, depending on the needs of the packager and the type of closure used for the bottle.  In addition, the typical system described above may very well be modified to meet the individual needs of each specific packaging project in the industry, and may include additional equipment such as bottle rinsers, coding equipment and more.

* Liquid Packaging Solutions does not manufacture labeling equipment.  However, LPS can recommend a manufacturer of labeling equipment based on your bottles, labels and other project components to integrate with other LPS machinery to form a complete packaging system.

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