Operating Semi-Automatic Packaging Machinery

While an operator's main focus with automatic packaging machinery will be the set up of the equipment prior to running production, semi-automatic packaging equipment will require more attention with every cycle run. While the operator interaction required will depend on the type of machine in use, as a general rule all semi-automatic machines will require continuous manual labor to complete the packaging task at hand. Below is a quick look at the operation of some of the more popular semi-automatic equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions.


Whether using air or liquid to clean bottles, semi-automatic rinsers will require an operator to perform several tasks to remove dust and debris from the containers. The operator of these machines will place the bottles on the rinse nozzles before activating the puff of air or stream of liquid used to clean the bottles. Typically, a footswitch will be used to start the rinse with simple timers for the adjustment of the length of the cleaning. Once rinsed, the operator will also remove the containers and transport them to the next filling phase.


Semi-automatic filling machines require about the same amount of interaction per cycle as the rinsing machines. Operators of these machines will place bottles under the fill nozzles and also start the fill cycle using a foot or finger switch. Filled bottles will also need to be removed and transported by operator and this process will continue for each bottle or set of bottles that are filled.


Semi-automatic capping machines will work slightly differently depending on the type of closure being used for the given project. Generally, however, the operator will be responsible for placing the cap on the bottle, then placing the combination of cap and bottle under or into the capping apparatus. This may be a chuck head, snap head, spindles or other variations. Once tightened, the operator will remove and transport the bottle.

While semi-automatic packaging machinery will often speed up a rinsing, filling or capping process, they will almost always require constant operator interaction with each cycle. These machines are ideal for low to medium production facilities and can be custom designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the specific project at hand. To learn more about the semi-automatic machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, browse the relevant packaging category on the website to find samples of these machines.