Purchasing More Than Machinery From Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

As a packaging machinery manufacturer, it should come as no surprise that a large part of the Liquid Packaging Solutions staff places an emphasis on identifying, building, testing and delivering the best machinery solution for our customers. However, manufacturing machinery is not the full extent of the services or products offered by LPS! Once we partner with a packager to create a system for getting products to the shelf, we hope and expect that partnership will last for years to come. LPS offers a number of post-production benefits and services to ensure not only machinery is delivered, but that it works efficiently for years to come.


For anyone familiar with packaging machinery, the importance of properly installed and leveled machinery is probably well known. When working with automatic packaging lines, especially, a single un-level machine, from power conveyors to a bottle rinser, filling machine or capping equipment, can take a toll on the entire process. LPS technicians will work on-site at a packager's facility to ensure proper installation from day one, which ensures efficient production from day one.


Though all packaging machinery manufactured by LPS will be built with ease of operation in mind, some machines and controls may need explanation to understand how they affect the machine, from delay times and duration times to stabilizing bottles or indexing containers in to and out of a certain area. Typically, during the install, LPS techs will also run the operators of the machinery through start up and shut down, cycling, set up and any other areas that may apply to a given machine or line. Again, such training ensures that the equipment runs efficiently from day one and provides the operators with the necessary knowledge to keep it running efficiently every day past day one.


Many packaging machines use wear parts, or contact parts. Parts that come in to contact with a bottle, cap, product or other components will almost always wear down over time, just like tires wear on a car or truck. LPS keeps wear parts stocked for a variety of manufactured machines as well as OEM equipment to ensure our customers can acquire necessary parts as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, new containers, products or components may require change parts on some machinery, and the knowledgeable staff of the Parts Department can help identify and acquire such parts.


Finally, if and when a machine acts up and operators simply cannot figure out why, the LPS Technical Service Department can help do a walk through to identify potential issues. In most cases, a telephone conversation will have the machine back up and running or the parts on the way to do the same. In rare cases where the issue cannot be identified over the phone, LPS offers on-site service for equipment as well.

Though LPS prides itself on the packaging machinery produced, the company takes just as much pride in the fact that the machinery itself continue to produce for many years. By offering all the necessary tools from identifying machinery to keep it running after installation and training, LPS works to create a partnership that lasts long after the equipment arrives on the production floor.